Improving visibility across sales team activities

Uncovering insights into sales performance

Building a predictable and scalable pipeline

See how we've done it before

Know exactly how productive your sales team is being and where they need coaching. Identify which sales tactics are performing the best. Reduce admin time and maximise the time your team spends selling.

We’ll help you unlock HubSpot's Sales tools to enable the seller to help the buyer. Automate the admin burden that makes old CRMs so hard to work with. Powerful tracking of emails, web visits, re-opens and re-visits means the sales rep is notified in real-time of all their prospect activity. Templates, Snippets, Sequences, Meeting links, Playbooks, tracked Sales Documents, and powerful CPQ tools make it easy the easiest thing to do to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Reduce the guesswork and build your accuracy with real data. Powerful reporting — both out of the box and custom — can be tuned for every sales role and stakeholder group. Easy to interrogate reporting helps you dig down into the facts. HubSpot's powerful AI-driven Sales Analytics does the heavy work of finding those coaching opportunities to improve forecast accuracy over time. Easy to customise deal pipelines with automation helps you to embed process improvements quickly, so you can qualify deals better and earlier, giving your team more time to focus on the better-fit deals and win more business.

Use our expertise that's been built from the very first beta of HubSpot CRM, through to the advanced implementation of global rollouts of Sales Hub Enterprise, to unlock the potential of your whole sales organisation.

Help your salespeople work at peak performance more of the time. Prioritise their task queues based on AI-powered factors such as 'likelihood to close', or manual ones like 'last contacted'. Empower better conversations with playbooks, keeping your reps on-message and asking the right questions. Set up the next steps with meeting links and tracked sales documents and watch for early signals that a decision is coming with the Activity stream and Target Accounts view. Accelerate your Sales Process with AI Sales Analytics, robust dashboards and customisable deal pipelines. Speed up the time-to-value for new hires and your whole team on new sales campaigns. Identify opportunities for coaching and quick-win improvements for individual sales reps, managers and teams.

Get expert guidance on all of this to unlock your potential for sales growth.

Every sales strategy depends on two core elements we’ll help you to get in place. Are you able to see what is going on across the sales process, and is your sales function aligned with the rest of the organisation?

Over a series of workshops, we’ll learn all about your business to help you to unlock the power of Sales Hub and lay these foundations, so you can achieve your revenue goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

The services we provide will depend on your current sales challenges and goals, which we will uncover in the Inbound Strategy Planning and architecture phases. But, we know it’s useful for you to get an idea of the types of activities that we could deliver, so here are some examples:

  • Implementation and onboarding of HubSpot Sales Hub tools
  • Sales strategy design
  • Sales campaign build and execution
  • Sales team training and coaching
  • Sales enablement
  • Account-based marketing

If you need more insight into how we’ll work together, you can find out more here

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Chris was an expert in all things HubSpot and a really helpful first guide to outbound sales. He navigated our confusing internal structure and different levels of team experience with patience and understanding. His support spanned from highly technical reporting setup, to strategic direction, all in all filling in perfectly where we needed help.

Leonor Jennings, Brainlabs

Prior to my current role I hadn't worked with a product such as HubSpot before and the BabelQuest team have been great with helping me get my head around it! The timely and accurate support is greatly appreciated.

Ryan McNally, Infospectrum

BabelQuest has helped Logicalis transform how we approach digital marketing and sales enablement. They tackled every challenge we presented them and have become a reliable partner. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Panos Anagnostopoulos, Logicalis